5 Ways to Light your Phire — Best Light Apps for the iPhone

I remember the first time I saw someone raise their cell phone during a concert ballad. It lacked the badass cachet of flicking a bic to “Freebird.” It’s a sign of the times when nobody carries lighters anymore. Well, the times they are a-changin’ again.
Whether your looking for an electronic substitute for a lighter, getting ready to rave or just want to find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, there are plenty of apps that will turn iPhone into the most expensive flashlight you’ve ever owned.

We tried out a bunch of them here at AppCraver and have listed our top 5 picks

Of all the apps we tried, myLite has the best combination of luminescent choices. Start with a plain old flashlight, choose “normal” under effects and customize any color and brightness using the simple sliders. When you’re ready, move onto more advanced options with a variety of built-in strobe effects. Make sure to try out the Color in Motion feature which utilizes the accelerometer to change colors according to your movements. Looking for more than pretty colors? Choose Rock Concert to fire up a lighter. It’s not our favorite lighter application, but it’ll do in a pinch. Read the review of myLite Flashlight and Colored Strobe.

This is our favorite lighter. Unlike most other lighter apps, Crazy Lighter doesn’t show the source. It’s just a simple flame set to high. What really distinguishes it from the crowd — and makes it worth your buck — is what we call the zippo feature. Give iPhone a shake to start or stop the flame and revel in the satisfying sound of the cap opening and closing to cut off the flame. For anyone that’s ever mastered a zippo trick this sound will bring back memories of smokier days. However, this app is just a lighter, so if you need a flashlight keep looking. Read our review of Crazy Lighter

This little app does one light, but it does it in a playful way that is easy to use and loads of fun. To get started, tap the app and shake your groove thang. Rave Light uses the accelerometer to change colors or flash to the beat of your flailing limbs.

iphone appsiBlackout is one of the slickest lighting apps and has a good range of options. There’s the standard plain or colored flashlight, but no ability to customize the color. Or, choose “effect” for to get your light from a fancy screensaver pic of a light bulb, lightening or other light-related source. Where this app really shines (pun intended) is in the party and torch options. Torch is the best set of flames to hit the iPhone. Next time you get involved in a gadget war just say that you have the “hottest phone around” then prove it with this little app.
QuickLight($0.99): The simplest app to use of the bunch, QuickLight offers limited choices and ease of use. Double-tap the screen to bring up your options. Choose between three colors or “concert” setting. That’s it. Easy-peasy lighting for those that more interesting in seeing than in making decisions.
Overall, if you’re in the dark about choosing an overall lighting application, then go with myLite. You can’t beat the price and it has everything you need. But, if you want something a little more exotic and you’ve got a buck to spare, then get myLite and round out your collection with one of these other 4 apps “just for fun.”